The new way of

Ahlipay is a new payment solution that allows users to pay online or onsite, send money to friends and family and pay bills easily.

Why Ahlipay

  • Efficiency

    Automate manual processes, minimize cash handling cost, reduce bureaucratic burdens and implement electronic controls
  • Security

    Avoid the risks in tracking sales records, benefit from all the usual protections and fraud tools, and, whenever necessary, remotely lock the wallet
  • Control

    No paper receipts, benefit form an end-to-end audit trail, analyse and share sales data, and implement bespoke sales controls
  • Convenience

    No Point of Sale terminal required, enables employees, contractors or customers to benefit from the ease, convenience and trust of Mobile Wallet payments
  • Generate QR codes

    To receive payments, just display to users the QR code generated from your mobile phone or the QR code standee.

    Customers will scan your unique QR Code, you will receive an SMS confirming the transaction. And it’s done. It’s that simple!
  • Real time collection

    Funds that you receive through Ahlipay payments will be available for use immediately, which can help improve your cash flow and give you a clearer view about your daily revenues. Talk about benefits!
  • Low maintenance costs

    Ahlipay is a great alternative for expensive payment gateway services, as it has the lowest acquiring fees compared to point of sale terminals. Faster, more advanced and cost-effective!
  • Instant refund

    Ahlipay allows you to perform instant refunds in case of any error during operation hours. Who’s got time to call around for that anyway?
  • Much more

    Get statements for your Ahlipay account, transfer funds to your main Bank account and unify your operating system. The benefits of Ahlipay just keep on coming!

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Terms & Conditions